Celebrate National Dog Week

National Dog Week Sept 26 -30

Spoil Your Dog for National Dog Week

National Dog Week is the last full week of September. So celebrate this week. Take your dog for a walk, give him an extra treat, get him a new toy or jacket.

This holiday celebrates our best friends, but also serves to educate people to be responsible and loving dog owners. National Dog Week was founded in 1928 by a retired WWI veteran, Captain William Judy. This week is meant to honor our canine friends for their service as well as their loyalty and companionship.

“The world likes dogs because dogs are nearest to moral perfection of all living things.” this was Judy’s introduction to his book on training dogs. He not only published notable books about dogs, but he also acquired Dog World Magazine in 1928 which he owned for 40 years.

As you’re spending special time with your dog this week, take a moment to remember that not all dogs are as lucky or fortunate as yours. Many have been abandoned and starved with no home to call their own. Each of your purchases from TeamPetSupply.com helps shelter and rescue pets through our partnership with GreaterGood.org.. You can see more information on how you can help on our Giving Back page.

If you’re looking for a new pet, get ready for October Adopt A Dog Month and Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. Don’t Shop when you can Adopt!


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