Le Sharma

Discover a world of high quality, handmade Eco-friendly pet products which are natural, luxurious, creative, colorful and elegant by design. Le Sharma aims to uplift and empower communities in the economic growth of poverty stricken countries like Nepal.

Le Sharma believes disadvantaged women artisans and farmers around the world should have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and support their families through fair payments and respectful relationships. All pet products have a story behind them–empowering women artisan or farmers who work in a safe environment can send their children to school and can save for the future with the reliable income earned through fair trade.



Chilly Dog

Chilly Dog was founded in 2001 to fill a niche when they were unable to find a well-made dog sweater at a moderate price point. They formed a relationship with the Inca Artisans in South American to create a hand knit wool dog sweater that would fit every dog!

They have always followed fair trade guidelines, are made from 100% wool and use plant dyes. Chilly Dog has been able to employ many knitters in healthy workplaces and enable them to support a better lifestyle in their small villages by being paid a fair living wage. Chilly Dog keeps up with the latest trends to keep dogs fashionable as well as warm. Their sizing can fit a tea cup dog to a Great Dane. These are the warmest and best quality sweaters you will find out there!