Attention Gear Junkies – Easy Monitoring of Activity of Your Dog or Cat

easy monitoring device for pets

What’s easy monitoring for pets got to do with it?

Gear Junkies, you’ve got your personal easy monitoring watches, bracelets, cellphones for yourself. You track your heartbeats, distance covered, miles per minute and much more. Why? To gauge yourself, keep healthy, and on top of your body. So now there’s this Bluetooth enabled activity tracker for your pet available.

This is your cat or dog’s own FITBIT. It’s the new PETKITP2 Smart Activity Monitoring Pet Tracker. Bluetooth 4.0 capable and it collects and synchronizes activity data right into the cloud and onto your smart phone device. Simply Install or Download the application. Set up a profile for one or multiple pets and you’re ready to track! Don’t forget to attach the small LED battery powered light weight Monitor to their collar, just like your bracelet or clip on.

Now get data and reports for Movement Activities like running, jumping, and walking. You’ll have a record of your pets sleep patterns and length. Measure your dog or cat’s consumption. Check for mood swings, agitation, depression, happiness. Received Health Notices and overall Reports.

Plus, there’s more benefits………

PETKIT P@ Activity Monitor

If you have the PETKIT Fresh Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl you can sync the data to track your pet’s food consumption. Once Food Information is entered into the PETKIT Fresh Application, the P2 Activity Device will further track number of calories consumed and calories expended as the world’s first real-time diet and activity monitoring device.

PETKIT Intelligent Feeding Dish

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