October is National Dog Wellness Month

October- Dog Wellness Month

October is National Dog Wellness Month

It is time to remember that as responsible dog owners it is necessary to ensure Dog Wellness. The overall health of your dogs involves many factors, but as a loving dog parent, it ‘s simple to maintain a healthy happy pet. TEAMPetSupply has several products that can help.

One of the first steps towards Dog Wellness, as with people is preventive veterinary care. Are your dog’s vaccinations up to date? Does he have regular check ups?

  1. Dental Care: Just like your children, your four legged children need regular dental check ups and cleaning. Teeth need to be cleaned and plaque removed. Infected gums and bad teeth can cause your dog discomfort and pain, along with the loss of teeth that affects eating. Check your dog’s teeth and gums. Gums should be a healthy pink and teeth should be white, free of brown tartar. You can take a soft tooth brush and gently massage your dog’s gums. Once your dog is used to it, this should be done two to three times a week. Dental chews are also available to help remove tartar and they are safer than bones.
  2.  Weight Management and A Balanced Diet: An overweight dog is an unhealthy dog. The pinch an inch philosophy works on dogs as well. Extra weight puts additional stress on your pet’s heart. Plus, once you dog gets older, it can cause hip and leg problems carrying around that additional unnecessary weight. Monitor your dogs food and treats closely, especially if your dog does not receive a lot of exercise. Which by the way is another are of Doggie Wellness. TEAMPetSupply offers Vitawag All Natural Dietary Supplements for both dogs and cats. Vitawag All Natural Supplements For Dogs and CatsThere’s also this amazing feeding dish by PetKit an Intelligent Feeding Bowl. The PETKIT Fresh Metal Large Smart Anti-Bacterial Bowl features a built-in Digital Scale which tracks the weight of food in both Lbs (Pounds) and Kg (Kilograms). Before pouring your pet’s food simply install or download the PETKIT Application and select the Fresh sub-application. Next, select your Dog or Cat brand of food (If not available input your brand of food and food information) and input the amount of weight in Grams or Pounds and you’re ready to track the amount of calories consumed. Be sure to choose a high quality pet food with natural ingredients like chicken, lamb, and vegetables. After all your dog is what he eats!PetKit Intelligent Feeding Bowl
  3. Exercise: Your Dog’s Exercise is more than just a fitness requirement. Sure it helps build strong bones, muscles, and tendons, but it is also great for mental and heart stimulation. SO be sure to regularly take your dog for a walk, play some ball, or just romp around with him chasing butterflies. It’s good for both of you. If you can’t get out for a walk, TEAMPetSupply has an extensive selection of Tread Wheels and Treadmills by GoPet so your dog can still stay fit.GoPet Tread Wheel Go Pet Treadmill
  4. Bathing and Grooming: If you bathe you dog too often, it can lead to a dry cost. So unless they roll in something really nasty or get excessively dirty, once every two to four months should work just fine when combined with daily brushing. Be sure to rinse your pet thoroughly and avoid getting shampoo in his eyes, ears, and nose. Always use a dog specific shampoo as human shampoos are too harsh for your dog’s skin. TEAMPetSupply carries a large variety of shampoos and conditioners to fit your needs. In between baths be sure to brush your dog daily to remove dead hair and skin while releasing natural oils into the skin. It produces a shiny, healthy coat, and most dog’s love it.
  5. Ears: Particularly on breeds such as hunting dogs and German Shepherds, ear maintenance is essential. Shepherds do seem to be prone to bacteria in their ears. There are several ear washes available. Do not use just plain water. Use a cotton ball or gauze to gently swab out your dog’s ears. Never use a Q Tip or stick anything too far into the ear that could be painful. A veterinarian recommended treatment for bacterial infections in dogs ears is diluted vinegar, preferably organic cider vinegar.

So be aware of your Dog’s Health and Wellness and he’ll lead a long and happy life with you!

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