October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Adopt A Shelter Dog

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

There’s a million reasons to adopt a Shelter Dog. Actually over a million now. Each year there are approximately three to four million dogs in shelters who are waiting for their hero to come and give them a forever home that never see that happen. Sadly most of these wonderful dogs are euthanized. Others are in No Kill Shelters where they will live out their lives waiting for their person to rescue them.

So rather than shopping, especially Puppy Mills, won’t you please give a Shelter Dog a loving, forever home? It will not only save his life but greatly enrich yours. You don’t realize how much you needed a furry best friend until you adopt one. These shelter dogs can help you with your needs and be a wonderful companion. They even improve the health and well being of their owners.

We at TEAMPetSupply.com are doing our part to help all shelter pets until they are adopted. Every purchase you make from us helps support shelters and contributes to the health and well being of rescues.

So please, Until There Are None, if you cannot Adopt join with us and our partners towards lending a helping hand. Rescue and Shelter Pets are so in need.

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