Is Your Pet Ready For Winter?


The Weather Outside This Winter is Frightful! is ready to help you pick out the perfect Winter Apparel for your pets to keep them warm and toasty. Keep your dog comfy with the perfect cozy sweater or hoodie from one of our famous name brand apparel selections. You can dress them festively for visiting from our Chilly Dog, Mirage, Hip Doggie, or Doggie Design collections.

Chilly Dog Elf Sweater       Mirage Hoodie

For a warmer covering, choose from our large selection of designer dog coats by these same well known quality pet apparel brands. Team Pet Supply even offers adorable Dog Snowsuits.

Pet Life Metallic Fashion Pet Parka Coat - Blue

Doggie Design Ruffin It Dog Snowsuit - Black/Gray

But don’t forget about your dog’s feet. The sidewalks are icy and cold. Shop our Paw Wear to protect your dog’s feet from both the elements and salt on sidewalks.

Pet Life Elastic Protective Multi-Usage All-Terrain Rubberized Dog Shoes - Pink


If your dog needs extra coverage has a Selection of Hip Doggie Knit Hats for Your pet. Or just for fun….. How about a Team Apparel Hat?

Detroit Lions Knit Dog Hat

So now you and your 4 legged child can go out and play in the Wintry Snow!


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