Rescue Rebuild – Rebuilding shelters across the country.

Rescue Rebuild is a volunteer program that recruits volunteers from all over the country to help animal shelters in need. Three to four times a year, Rescue Rebuild travels to a shelter and spends one to two weeks working to complete general repairs and renovations.During this time, the shelter and partners work to involve new community volunteers.

Rescue Rebuild Shelter Pets

Typical projects include:

  • Building shelter beds to get adoptable pets off the cold ground
  • Building enrichment toys for pets
  • Installation of perimeter fencing to protect pets
  • Installation of exercise pens to give adoptable dogs a place to expend energy
  • Barn/other storage construction
  • Painting, landscaping, and other beautification
  • Enclosed outdoor cat areas to give cats more space and, in turn, lower stress levels

The impact on the shelters is immediate and long lasting. When Rescue Rebuild leaves, the shelters have developed new relationships within their community. They have new space for storage, and areas for pets to exercise, and their shelter is overall a cleaner, more productive place to work. Often, if the project comes in under budget, the remaining funds will be presented as a grant for the care and feeding of the pets in the shelter.