The Top 5 Beds Pets will Love

Top 5 Beds Pets will Love

The Top 5 Beds Pets Will Love

Team Pet Supply has reviewed the Top 5 Beds Pets Will Love. Because each dog and cat’s sleeping preference is different now you can match your dog bed or cat bed to accommodate their favorite sleeping positions.

# 1 The Pillow Bed

Do they like stretch out?  Given the opportunity, your dog would occupy the entire couch and sprawl out, leaving no room for their human.  Pillow type beds come in a variety of colors, patterns, material and sizes. So they’ll fit your decor and your dog’s needs.

Pendleton Yosemite National Park Pet Bed






Pendleton Yosemite National Park Pet Bed




The Pendleton National Parks Collection beds are one of the classics. In a variety of earthy colors paying tribute the the National Parks of the U.S. has several sizes to accommodate any dog. But besides Pendleton Mills. TeamPetSupply.com also offers our customers the choice of Quality Pillow Type Beds By Jax and Bones, West Paw Design, Carolina Pet Company, and George.





#2 The Bolster or Bumper Bed

Donut shaped beds are perfect for a nester. How do you determine if you have a nester?  Do they circle around inside the bed before they finally settle in and get comfortable?  Nester types love a big soft spot, with walls that surround them and provide a sense of security. Both Jax and Bones and West Paw Design make incredible Bolster, Bumper Donut Beds for a soft and comfortable bed for your nester to doze off on after an active day. However, Jax and Bones offers the largest variety of colors, fabric and patterns by far.


Jax and Bones Standard Everyday Cotton Donut Bed Indigo





Jax and Bones Monaco Indigo Donut Bed










#3 Orthopedic Mattress

Beds with orthopedic foam relieve pressure on joints and are perfect for older pets who need a little more support and comfort. Select a bed with a low entry to make it easier for your dog to get into like the Carolina Pet Ortho Sleeper or the Jax and Bones Pillow Beds with Memory Foam in Our Orthopedic Dog Bed Selections. Your older pets or pets suffering from joint pain will greatly appreciate it.

Chocolate-orthopedic-dog-bedsCarolina Pet Ortho Sleeper Bolster Bed




#4 Mat / Pad Beds

More lightweight and can travel and go everywhere you take your dog; under office desks, in the car, in standard crates. There are many designs and styles of dog mats and pads to choose from with various levels of padding. The West Paw Design Hay Day beds in micro suede are Stain Resistance.


West Paw Design Hayday Bed with Microsuede





West Paw Design Heyday Bed with Microsuede







#5 Pocket / Sack Beds

This bed is more like a den with an easy opening to invite your pet to burrow inside. Choose from Doggy Wrappers Cuddle pouch or The Big Shrimpy Den Pocket bed in soft Berber fleece makes a welcoming retreat. Cats love it, too!



Big Shrimpy Den Pocket BedBig Shrimpy Den Pocket Bed





And we’ d be remiss if we didn’t include these adorable Cat Caves in our Review of The Top 5 Beds Pets will Love.

Studies have shown that the lanolin wool odor naturally attracts cats. The wool fiber is hollow which allows for excellent air circulation making it both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is naturally resistant to odors making it is an excellent choice for the place your pet sleeps. Also, wool fiber is naturally resistant to dirt and won’t absorb dirt into its fibers.


Le Sharma Eco Friendly Cat Cave
Le Sharma Eco Friendly Cat Cave


These beds are the top 5 beds pets love, but we have over 400 beds in every shape, style, and color to give your pet a cozy place to have sweet dreams.


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